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Conditions Treated

Acute Care

This includes all of the common neck and back pain issues plus musculoskeletal issues involving the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and feet.

Wellness Care

This includes periodic checkups that are designed to help locate small issues before they become big ones.  Most patients in this category have little to no symptoms but come to see us because they see and realize the difference that regular care has on their overall health.

Functional Disorders  

This is best described as those health problems that impair normal function of a bodily process, but where every part of the body appears quite normal under routine medical examination (lab testing / diagnostic testing).  These types of patients are often very frustrated because they know something is wrong but it cannot be identified with traditional approaches.  As a result, treatment is often left to chance.  These types of conditions are referred to as Functional Disorders.

Functional Disorders are often very gratifying to treat because it’s simply a matter of determining which organ system (or systems) is failing to obtain the energy it needs to function properly.  Some of the more commonly treated conditions under this heading include headaches, heartburn/reflux, gas pain/bloating, anxiety/irritability, restlessness/insomnia, irritable bowel, stiff sore joints, fibromyalgia and so much more.

The human body does not go directly from a healthy state to a disease state.  Something causes stress to the human body that initiates a very specific and predictable pattern of response.  As the stress persists, organ systems become depleted of energy and begin to fail as nutrition is exhausted.  By understanding this process, we are able to help our patients find health again.


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